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Milestone Celebration! We are overjoyed to share the remarkable news that, together, our collective efforts have propelled us to raise an extraordinary £1,009,228.00 for charities! 🙌 This achievement is a testament to the power of generosity, compassion, and community spirit.

Your unwavering support has not just surpassed a financial milestone; it has ignited positive change, creating a ripple effect that extends to the lives of those in need. From supporting vital research to aiding vulnerable communities, your contributions have become the building blocks of hope and resilience.

In this journey of giving, each pound represents a commitment to making a tangible difference. It's a symbol of collective strength, compassion, and a shared vision for a better world. Every person who contributed, whether through a single donation or ongoing support, is an integral part of this incredible success story.

As we celebrate this significant accomplishment, we extend our deepest gratitude to every donor, volunteer, and supporter who has played a role in reaching this milestone. Your kindness has not only transformed numbers on a fundraising total but has translated into tangible, meaningful impacts on countless lives.

Thank you for being the heart of this incredible journey. Together, we are #CharityChampions, and through our combined efforts, we continue to be a driving force in #MakingADifference. Here's to the spirit of giving and the positive change we create together!

iCollectClothes|  December 04, 2023


HEART UK’s website information is my bible, and it has helped me to change my life.

Having kidney disease and an underactive thyroid, I was having my yearly blood test which picked up that I had high cholesterol – a total score of 7.9. I was told over the phone by a trainee GP. I was terrified I was heading for a heart attack or stroke, especially as my mum had high cholesterol during her menopause and then much later in life. He advised that I should start taking statins immediately which I did having read up about them first.  It turns out I am one of the rare people who is allergic to a certain statin, so I moved to a different statin which is better. It was during this time that I became determined to take the full approach of also lowering my cholesterol via lifestyle changes as well.

After carefully reading everything on HEART UK’s website, I made all the necessary changes I could to my diet. It was a learning curve about what to eat and how to cook differently, but HEART UK’s recipes and nutrition advice helped so much. I cut out dairy, red meat, and processed food and reduced my sugar intake. I ate salads, pulses, beans, wholemeal products, vegetables, porridge, seeds fruit, chicken, turkey, and foods fortified with plant sterols.

At the same time, I increased my physical activity to improve my heart and lung health. I took up running again a year ago, returned to park run, and gradually built up to do a 5K run which I found difficult, but steadily it became a habit and I progressed to 10K. I also took up boxing which is a full-body workout. My instructor is so inspiring, and I love the social element of the classes. When I hit the punch bag, I imagine it to be my bad cholesterol clogging up my arteries!

I calculated my calories to be in deficit and kept a food diary. After three months I had lost a stone in weight, going from a size 10-12 to a size 8-10, and my cholesterol level had come down to 5.2.

My husband and the whole family got behind me in making this possible. We figured that if I had a stroke, it would impact the whole family, so why not join in and help me? 

I would say that as a busy woman all my life, this is the first time when I have really put myself first and it radically changed my life. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but I have quite surprised myself!

I am so thankful to HEART UK for providing the reliable information I needed and helping me to make the appropriate lifestyle changes to manage my cholesterol.

Susie Watson | 2022

Finally, Spring!

The weather allows us to show who we really are. It’s time to let gorgeousness out and the perfect time to change the whole style. We don’t want to see coats, heavy sweaters, and long woollen socks at the eye level of our wardrobes anymore!

Here are some tips for which clothes to say goodbye to without hesitation:

Stained, damaged, misshapen garments

Those are instant bye byes

‘Someday’ clothes

Because seriously, the day for the bright orange vest might never even come.

One-year rule

If you haven’t worn it last spring, will you wear it now?

It belongs to old you

These are the clothes that bring unpleasant memories, don’t represent you anymore, or simply went out of fashion. Unless you are ready to wait 20 years for skinny low-rise jeans to make a comeback.

Are you also doing a spring wardrobe clearout? Book a charity clothing pickup and watch your old clothes disappear.

iCollectClothes| March 30, 2023

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