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Harry web bannerA picture is worth a thousand words: 12-year-old Harry received his new powerchair earlier this month!

Harry is a bright and sociable boy, who enjoys meeting new people and doing new things. He also loves the outdoors and going out to do activities such as visiting the zoo.

Harry has Cerebral Palsy and is profoundly deaf. He is a full-time wheelchair user and needs support with all his daily needs and activities. His family applied to my AFK for a specialist powered wheelchair as his previous NHS manual chair was not suitable for his needs. Harry’s family told us that having a powerchair would help him build his independence and allow him to engage in fun activities that he couldn’t in his manual chair. With a riser on his chair, he would be able to lower or raise his chair when visiting the zoo, to see the animals more easily.

Harry’s chair was delivered at the beginning of July, and Harry’s mum Sam got in touch to say:

“It’s brilliant! He took it to school for the last 3 days of term and the teacher said it’s life changing. He can be lowered right down for story/carpet time so he can be on the same level as his friends instead of towering over them. For the first time ever he has been able to sit at the table & be pushed completely underneath so the carers can sit opposite him. He looked around & looked so happy. The teacher said he was looking around like he was just like everyone else now!!! It’s brilliant, we can’t thank you enough!!!”

These photos show Harry’s face when his new powerchair was being delivered and he saw it for the first time.





Ibrahima’s Journey 

The fire that caused 24-year-old Ibrahima’s burns and leg contractures took place on New Year’s Eve. At a time when most people are celebrating the turning of a new chapter, Ibrahima – now unable to walk - was mourning the unexpected loss of his independence and freedom.

For almost mercy ships icollectclothes donate clothes support charitiestwo years, Ibrahima’s burn contractures left his legs locked in place. Unable to walk, this 24-year-old had to be carried around by his family members. “Sometimes, I felt helpless, like I might really be this way forever,” he said.

Not long after surgery, Ibrahima passed a milestone – he took his first steps since his accident! Nurses and patients celebrated this victory alongside a proud Ibrahima.

Ibrahima went through months of gruelling rehab after his surgery. Relearning how to walk on his healing limbs was tough and required regular physiotherapy sessions – and a lot of patience from both Ibrahima and the tireless rehab team.

Ibrahima went from only being able to sit down, to be able to stand tall. That smile says it all: “I feel taller. I was always sitting and seeing the world from a lower level. It felt like everyone was looking down on me. Now, I'm seeing everything from high up!”

Photographer’s pick

“Dancing and much celebrating are to be had at a Dress Ceremony. What a beautiful way to send home our ladies from the Women’s Health Programme.”

mercy ships donations help support for charity icollectclothes

Complete with bright colours and lively music, the crew of the Africa Mercy recently threw a Dress Ceremony to commemorate the changed lives of a very special group of ladies. These women, who received surgery to repair their obstetric fistula condition, are not only celebrating their healing…they’re celebrating their renewed ability to be a part of their communities without shame.


We want to hear from readers about the oldest outfit in your wardrobe, and the memories you associate with it


We live in a throwaway culture, especially when it comes to fashion, but there will always be certain items of clothing that stick with us.

As the slow fashion movement and environmental awareness of the industry grows, we want to hear from readers about the oldest item of clothing you have. Where did you get it, and why have you hung onto it for so long?

Do you have an outfit that you’ve kept for years, even if it doesn’t fit quite right? Which items of clothing have survived numerous house moves and changing fashion trends? Tell us the memories you associate with the outfit and if you still wear it today.

Send us pictures of you wearing it, either from back in the day or now.

Share the memories you associate with it:

Please describe the outfit you are wearing

When and where did you get the outfit?

Why have you kept this item of clothing/outfit for so long?*


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