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27 October 2017

family donations support clothesRecently we gave our unwanted clothes to iCollectClothes, the organisation that collects and sells unwanted clothes and shoes to support several charities. It is good to donate clothes. From all charities that iCollectClothes supports, we selected Remus Horse Sanctuary because we love animals. Our experience with iCollectClothes was very positive. The service is so easy to use. We called the operator to ask her when they could visit us. The lady was very helpful. She explained everything in a clear way. Our clothes were picked up on the agreed day and time and they helped us with the bags.

Because of the positive experience with iCollectClothes, we will use this professional service again. A friend of us recommended the service to us and we would like to recommend iCollectClothes to others as well. Helping others is a blessing. We think that it is important to teach our children that we must support charities in any way we can. There are always people in need that are happy with our help. It is also an advantage for us. We are a family with two young children. Children grow so fast. That is why we have so much clothing that is never used again.

If these unwanted clothes can be meaningful to others, then we must give back to our community. We are grateful that iCollectClothes exist. As a family, we understand how important it is to give each other support. On a broader scale, we all are one big family and we believe that it is our task to give others the support they need. If we cry for help, we are also delighted to receive assistance. There is plenty for everyone in this world, we only have to ensure that the goods are well distributed. That is easy to do when we can rely on professional and trusted organisations such as iCollectClothes.

As parents of two young children, we feel that we did the right thing. Our children will understand that we need to practice compassion. Not everyone is so blessed that all their needs are met. We are a wonderful family and we have everything that we desire. Our children will know how to set the example and will develop themselves into responsible adults. It is a matter of applying balance in everything we do. Furthermore, it gives a good feeling to be part of a bigger story. iCollectClothes gives us the chance to make a difference in the world and we do it together!

20 October 2017

Donating clothes is also a form of recycling. We could just throw our unwanted clothes away and create even more garbage. That is not necessary. Recycling is a good option. As an older couple, we have a lot of clothes and shoes that we do not wear anymore. I heard from my colleague that iCollectClothes are professional, reliable and easy to use. I called iCollectClothes to fix a date and time to collect our goods. The operator was really helpful. She gave me plenty of choices to meet our needs. We agreed on the date and time. When the driver of iCollectClothes arrived, I noticed how positive this man was. He helped me with the bags, was right on time and within a short period, the whole collection operation was completed. If I had known, that it was so easy, I would have called the organisation sooner. 

As iCollectClothes supports several charities, we had to make a choice. Heart UK Charity was the right choice for us. This organisation supports people with increased cholesterol and other blood fats. It also helps healthcare professionals. It gave us a good feeling to assist this organisation. We try to help as good as we can. It makes us happy. iCollectClothes is an organisation that we trust. It is a shame that the organisation cannot accept any other donation like money or furniture, but we are confident that our unwanted clothes and shoes are wanted by people in need.

Donating clothes is also a form of recycling. We could just throw our unwanted clothes away and create even more garbage. That is not necessary. Recycling is a good option. Unwanted clothes are still useful for others. We do not have to close our eyes for the problems that other people face. When the solution consists in bringing goods to people that need it, we should always put our efforts in doing that. Combined efforts create a bigger impact. Via iCollectClothes and the charities they support, more people in need can be reached.

iCollectClothes is more than a way of recycling. It is an organisation with a heart for people in need. We are proud that we have used this service and we will do it again. As we get older, we understand better what is important in life. Being there for others is a wonderful activity. We all need support from time to time. We believe in creating good karma. When we do good to others, the good vibes will return to us. We do not have to worry about that. When we take care of others, the world will take care of us.

13 October 2017

Move mountains1I am not a famous rock star. I do not have a lot of political power. I am just me. I do my best to treat others right. I try to be the best human I can possibly be. I am grateful for my life and the chances that I have received so far. There is nothing that I regret. My life was not always easy, I admit, but when I had to rely on support, there was always an invisible power at work to bring me what I needed most in that moment. Whenever I can, I also engage myself to make a difference in the lives of others.

Supporting others does not need to be complicated or overwhelming. The recipe for successful support can be very simple: be there at the right time and at the right moment. I believe that people sense it when you have a gentle and open heart. It is the key to make people trust you and bond with you. I feel that we are not alone in this world and that it is our task to help each other. My parents raised me with wonderful values and in my own way, I do my utmost best to give these values to everyone that crosses my path.

In my eyes, you will see the reflection of justice and gentleness. We have enough food and clothes to feed and dress everyone, we only must ensure that everything gets there where it is wanted most. I believe in justice and gentleness. Justice means to me that we have to use our personal power to allocate resources wisely and efficiently. With gentleness, I love to refer to the process of doing everything with a human approach. Every one of us remains human, in whatever circumstances we live, rich or poor, our heart continues to beat in the same way.

Every group of people that engages in the values of justice and gentleness with a human approach gets my full recognition. I am following the same journey in life. The time is right to change our thinking: we really can transform our lives by following a new way of supporting each other in this life. Every time when we act with efficiency, reliability and straightforwardness, we show how much we really care. Words do not mean a thing when we do not tie these to support actions. True support from the heart is reflected in our gentle actions. Let us move mountains together. With a human touch.


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