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Finally, Spring!

The weather allows us to show who we really are. It’s time to let gorgeousness out and the perfect time to change the whole style. We don’t want to see coats, heavy sweaters, and long woollen socks at the eye level of our wardrobes anymore!

Here are some tips for which clothes to say goodbye to without hesitation:

Stained, damaged, misshapen garments

Those are instant bye byes

‘Someday’ clothes

Because seriously, the day for the bright orange vest might never even come.

One-year rule

If you haven’t worn it last spring, will you wear it now?

It belongs to old you

These are the clothes that bring unpleasant memories, don’t represent you anymore, or simply went out of fashion. Unless you are ready to wait 20 years for skinny low-rise jeans to make a comeback.

Are you also doing a spring wardrobe clearout? Book a charity clothing pickup and watch your old clothes disappear.

iCollectClothes| March 30, 2023

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