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Milestone Celebration! We are overjoyed to share the remarkable news that, together, our collective efforts have propelled us to raise an extraordinary £1,009,228.00 for charities! 🙌 This achievement is a testament to the power of generosity, compassion, and community spirit.

Your unwavering support has not just surpassed a financial milestone; it has ignited positive change, creating a ripple effect that extends to the lives of those in need. From supporting vital research to aiding vulnerable communities, your contributions have become the building blocks of hope and resilience.

In this journey of giving, each pound represents a commitment to making a tangible difference. It's a symbol of collective strength, compassion, and a shared vision for a better world. Every person who contributed, whether through a single donation or ongoing support, is an integral part of this incredible success story.

As we celebrate this significant accomplishment, we extend our deepest gratitude to every donor, volunteer, and supporter who has played a role in reaching this milestone. Your kindness has not only transformed numbers on a fundraising total but has translated into tangible, meaningful impacts on countless lives.

Thank you for being the heart of this incredible journey. Together, we are #CharityChampions, and through our combined efforts, we continue to be a driving force in #MakingADifference. Here's to the spirit of giving and the positive change we create together!

iCollectClothes|  December 04, 2023


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