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Colostomy UK is a charity that SUPPORTS and EMPOWERS people living with a stoma.

We’re here if you have questions, need support or just want to talk to someone who lives with a stoma.

We also run projects to empower ostomates to return to sports, hobbies and other interests and give them the confidence to take up fresh challenges. We are advocates for ostomates’ rights and their voice on the bigger issues.  Our campaigns raise awareness and encourage organisations to make their facilities more inclusive. Supporting and enhancing ostomates wellbeing is at the core of everything we do.

The primary role of the Colostomy UK is to represent the interests of people with a colostomy. They are experts in living with a colostomy and that experience is available to all colostomies, via personal contact with their volunteers.

The Colostomy UK is here to provide support, reassurance and practical information to anyone who has or is about to have a colostomy. The charity strives to raise awareness of what it’s like to have a stoma and what it means to live with a colostomy and by doing this, the charity hopes to address the general lack of public knowledge.

The ultimate goal of the charity is to champion issues that affect colostomates, their families and their carers.

How the mission is carried out

The organisational structure of the Colostomy UK is made up of seven Trustees, a General Manager and other full time staff who are fully trained and responsible for the administration of the Colostomy UK. The charity also has a number of highly valued volunteers who give their help and support.

The head office is based in Reading, Berkshire and our office hours are from 9am-5pm Mondays to Fridays. The Helpline is available 24/7 and we aim to have a colostomate online able to listen and discuss your concerns. The 24h free helpline is 0800 328 4257.

Covering the country are over 100 trained and experienced contact volunteers who are colostomates. Contact volunteers are dedicated individuals who bring a human touch in what can sometimes be a delicate and emotional time. Our contact volunteers are often asked to talk patients before their colostomy surgery, and afterwards in hospital, usually at the request of the stoma nurse. Home visits by contact volunteers can also be arranged at request.

The Colostomy UK has a range of advisory literature, written by colostomates and nursing professionals, readily available on request. Plus the quarterly magazine "Tidings".

The Colostomy UK attends organised stoma care nurses' "open days", where anyone can come and learn more about the colostomy in a friendly atmosphere and discuss any problems, questions or just enjoy the company.

The Colostomy UK also attends manufacturers' and suppliers', open days and exhibitions, where you can see what stoma bags, accessories and services are available. It's a real opportunity to meet and share experiences with other colostomates.

For more information about the work of The Colostomy UK, please visit

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