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Yes, there are several options for donating or repurposing old duvet covers: Charity Shops: Many charity shops accept donations of duvet covers. These items, if in good condition, can be resold to support the charity's programs. Local Charities and Community Organizations: Contact local charities, community organizations, or shelters to inquire about their need for duvet covers. Some organizations may use them for various purposes or distribute them to those in need. Textile Recycling: Check with your local council or recycling center to see if they have textile recycling programs that accept duvet covers. Textile recycling can repurpose the materials for new products. Upcycling or DIY Projects: Get creative and repurpose old duvet covers for DIY projects. They can be used for making pillowcases, tote bags, or other household items. Schools or Community Centers: Schools and community centers may have use for clean and durable duvet covers in various activities or projects. Before donating or repurposing, ensure that the duvet covers are clean and in reasonable condition. If they are no longer suitable for donation, exploring recycling options or repurposing them into new items is a sustainable alternative to disposal.

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