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Old towels and duvets can often find new life through various channels. Here are several options for what to do with them: Animal Shelters: Many animal shelters and rescue organizations appreciate donations of old towels and duvets. These items can be used to provide comfort to animals in need. Homeless Shelters: Homeless shelters may accept clean and gently used towels and duvets to provide warmth and comfort to individuals experiencing homelessness. Local Charities: Contact local charities and community organizations to inquire if they accept donations of towels and duvets. Some organizations may use them in outreach programs or distribute them to those in need. Upcycling: Get creative and repurpose old towels and duvets for various household uses. For example, they can be cut into cleaning rags, used as pet bedding, or repurposed for DIY projects. Textile Recycling: Check if your local council or recycling center has textile recycling programs. Some areas accept old towels and duvets for recycling, where the materials can be repurposed into new products. Environmental Services: Some local waste management services may have specific guidelines for disposing of old towels and duvets. Check with your local authority for information on responsible disposal options. Always ensure that the items are clean before donating or recycling them. If the towels and duvets are not suitable for donation, exploring recycling options or repurposing them is a sustainable alternative to disposal.

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