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Disposing of old pillows in the UK requires special consideration due to hygiene and recycling concerns. Here are some options for dealing with old pillows: Textile Recycling: Some local councils and recycling centers accept pillows as part of their textile recycling programs. Check with your local council or recycling facility to see if they have specific guidelines for pillow disposal. Animal Shelters: Contact local animal shelters, rescue organizations, or wildlife rehabilitation centers. They may accept old pillows to provide comfort and bedding for animals. Upcycling or Repurposing: Get creative and repurpose old pillows for DIY projects. They can be used to make pet beds, cushions, or even outdoor seating. Hygiene Products Recycling: Some companies specialize in recycling hygiene products, including pillows. Check if there are any services or companies in your area that offer this type of recycling. Home Composting (Natural Fillings): If your pillow has natural fillings (feathers, cotton), you may be able to compost it at home. Remove any synthetic materials before composting. Check with Local Waste Management: Contact your local waste management or recycling center for advice on the proper disposal of pillows. They may have specific guidelines based on the materials used in the pillow. Remember to check the specific guidelines of your local council or waste management facility, as disposal options can vary. Always remove any non-recyclable or non-compostable components before attempting to recycle or repurpose the pillow.

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