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Heart UK

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Heart UK

Donate Your clothes and raise funds for Heart UK Charity!

The charity looking after people with the raised level of cholesterol and other blood fats, the charity supporting carers and professionals who treat these health conditions. The charity’s aim is to prevent early death caused by high level of cholesterol. HEART UK raises awareness about risks associated with high cholesterol, giving advice to those who have this health condition and supports health care professionals’ work and training.
Cholesterol is a silent killer. It is one of the UK’s biggest preventable cause factors for heart disease. Often, patients don’t experience any symptoms, and the first sign of a problem is a heart attack. Your donations to HEART UK charity will go towards raising awareness about risks associated with high cholesterol, promoting a healthier lifestyle, supporting carers and health professionals with their work and training, funding research for the health condition and the improved treatments. Your charitable giving will help HEART UK in their vital work.
Online charity fundraising is a modern and convenient way to donate to charities, don’t delay doing your part today! Funds received from sales of your unwanted clothes will help Heart Uk Charity.

Statistics show that 6 out of 10 people in the UK have raised cholesterol and as many as 120,000 people inherit the condition called Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH). People born with this health condition are most likely to have double or triple the normal level of cholesterol, and if this is left untreated, the condition would lead to a heart attack, stroke or sudden death in early age.


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