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11 September 2017

Unwanted objects into opportunities What do you think about our ‘welfie’? Yes, you read it right. It is not a ‘selfie’. We build one young and dynamic team. With our ‘welfie’ we want to introduce our iCollectClothes team to you. We are four different characters but we have one thing in common: we believe that the time is right for a new way of supporting charities. We trust that true power lies in simplicity. Why making things difficult? Let us create magnificence by being efficient, reliable and straightforward. We want to make a difference in people’s lives.

We are aware of the fact that every family has a lot to manage on a daily basis. Parents have the obligation to pay the bills and to go to their work. They also need to take care of their children. Fathers and mothers bring their children to school. The children need attention and love. A day has only 24 hours. As a team, we continue to brainstorm how we can align our clothing donation service to the needs of modern families. We want to make life easier for you: lightness in terms of administration,  collection and donation.

To be able to transform something that is ‘unwanted’ into something ‘supportive’ makes us really happy. That is why we remain motivated every day to do this beneficial work. Our team experiences lots of joy. A day at work does not really feel like working because we can add meaning to the world around us. We feel blessed that we can contribute to the well-being of others. Today we live in a society where a lot of objects receive the label ‘unwanted’. We see these objects as ‘opportunities’ to help others.

Our transformational activities rebalance available resources. We feel that we really have accomplished something when we have given our energy to these activities. Not everyone is lucky enough that their needs are met. The good news is that everything is already present in this world. We just need to bring these ‘unwanted’ objects to the right people. We can look at reality in two ways. We can choose to focus on the big gap between abundance and scarcity. This feels bad. We can also decide to see the opportunities to do something good. This creates a positive feeling. We are grateful that our team sees the blessings.

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