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02 February 2017

Many of you may wonder why clothing collections are so important and crucial for the charities, while others only ask for financial funding… There are many reasons why clothing donations are important and benefit not only charities, but for other people, as well as yourself… Here are some of the main reasons why iCollect Clothes does what it does and loves it so much!

  • Helps people who cannot afford clothes

Don’t be clothes – minded - Importance of clothing donationsCharities are non-profit organisations, however in order to provide help for others, they need funding. Therefore the clothing which you donate is turned into the vital funds for the charities, so you help the charity, the people who seek help from the charities and someone out there who will buy your preloved clothing. We know that second hand clothing is sold at much lower prices, which gives the opportunity for the less fortune people to buy clothing at an affordable price.

  • Helps Disaster Victims

Some of the clothing is shipped abroad to poorer countries, where the clothing benefits diseased, disaster and/or war zone victims. Some of the clothing is shipped to countries such as Ukraine, where your unwanted clothing are precious for the poor victims. This not only helps the sufferers by receiving affordable clothing, but also those who run their small businesses, which helps the country’s poverty and surviving the difficult time.

  • Helps the Environment

Helps the Environment You can simply protect the environment by donating your preloved or unwanted clothing! When people buy used clothing instead of new, fewer new clothes need to be made. This saves the resources used to create new textiles. For example, the polyester fibre production process puts a strain on the environment. Recycling clothing helps the environment in a similar way as recycling bottles, paper and cans does. iCollect Clothes also protects the environment as there is no unnecessary driving, the pollution is lowered to the minimum. We only travel to collection points on the days chosen by donators and the service is suitable for everyone. This also helps us to make the expenses as lowest as possible.

  • Keeps your house organised!

We all have those few brand new clothes that we will never wear and they’re just berried at the bottom of the drawer! Donating preloved clothing will allow you to have more space for those clothes that you’ll actually wear! It can be detrimental to your emotional health. If you are ever late getting to work because you can’t find a particular article of clothing, you likely have too much clothing clutter. A good rule of thumb when deciding what to donate is if you haven’t worn the item within three months of purchase – you will never wear it.

We’d like to thank all of our iCollect Clothes donators and the ones to be! Please always remember that clothing donations provide vital funds for the charities but also have many other good reasons why donating clothes is fun, important and beneficial!

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