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We invite you to take a closer look at iCollectClothes company and get to know our members.

Meet Justinas - our team leader.

iCollectClothes team Justinas

He shares what he loves the most about iCollectClothes: ‘An ability to help our partner charities to fight their causes.’ Says Justinas, ’The charity sector in the UK is overwhelmed and under-budgeted and has been for some time now. In the case of crisis, when no one can help, we always have a last resort, a charity with knowledge in the field, a friendly voice on another side of the phone line, or a smiley face to greet at the door.’

Most of us sometimes face a tough decision while tidying up our closets. Items might be no longer in use, but yet it’s hard to throw them away. Justinas encourages people to take a different perspective: 

‘Donating something pre-loved that you no longer use can be heart-breaking, as it could feel like giving a happy memory away, but in fact, you are giving a chance someone to have theirs.’ 

Thank you, Justinas, now wardrobe checks will be easier with this thought.

Above all, Justinas prioritizes convenience. So when it comes to getting rid of old clothes, as in every other aspect of life, he reminds us that it is important to do what makes us happy:

‘Use a service that is the most appealing to you as long as it helps the charity of your choice. Living in a fast-paced world, we all look for a fast, reliable, hassle-free way to solve the issue, no one likes to wait in lines, be left on hold, or be transferred from one customer service member to another, do whatever makes you happy.’ Says Justinas, the team leader of iCollectClothes.

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