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Ibrahima’s Journey 

The fire that caused 24-year-old Ibrahima’s burns and leg contractures took place on New Year’s Eve. At a time when most people are celebrating the turning of a new chapter, Ibrahima – now unable to walk - was mourning the unexpected loss of his independence and freedom.

For almost mercy ships icollectclothes donate clothes support charitiestwo years, Ibrahima’s burn contractures left his legs locked in place. Unable to walk, this 24-year-old had to be carried around by his family members. “Sometimes, I felt helpless, like I might really be this way forever,” he said.

Not long after surgery, Ibrahima passed a milestone – he took his first steps since his accident! Nurses and patients celebrated this victory alongside a proud Ibrahima.

Ibrahima went through months of gruelling rehab after his surgery. Relearning how to walk on his healing limbs was tough and required regular physiotherapy sessions – and a lot of patience from both Ibrahima and the tireless rehab team.

Ibrahima went from only being able to sit down, to be able to stand tall. That smile says it all: “I feel taller. I was always sitting and seeing the world from a lower level. It felt like everyone was looking down on me. Now, I'm seeing everything from high up!”

Photographer’s pick

“Dancing and much celebrating are to be had at a Dress Ceremony. What a beautiful way to send home our ladies from the Women’s Health Programme.”

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Complete with bright colours and lively music, the crew of the Africa Mercy recently threw a Dress Ceremony to commemorate the changed lives of a very special group of ladies. These women, who received surgery to repair their obstetric fistula condition, are not only celebrating their healing…they’re celebrating their renewed ability to be a part of their communities without shame.


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