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 PicterGiving a clothes donation to charity also helps the environment. 350,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing goes to landfill every year in the UK according to WRAP. So the more clothing you donate to charity, the less will end up being thrown out as rubbish, and this can only be a good thing.

Donating clothes to charity is cool because it’s a win-win situation but the thought of having to carry big bags to a charity shop can be off-putting. Don’t worry though, because iCollectClothes has the answer!

Clothes donation couldn’t be simpler or more convenient with its unwanted clothes collection service. No longer do you have to trek to a charity shop, or remember to put the charity collection bag outside your front door on the right day. iCollectClothes offers an easier way to support good causes. It picks up donations from your door, letting you choose which charity you want to donate to, and a collection date that suits you, while iCollectClothes takes care of the rest.

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