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02 February 2018

Icollectclothes 02.02.18We spend our lives buying clothes. Trooping up and down the high street, browsing the internet and reading fashion magazines, asking advice from friends and loved ones.

But one day that beloved fedora hat you bought in Crete or the retro orange jumper you wore every day at University doesn’t quite fit anymore. They pile up in the closet in retirement just to remind us of happy moments.

It is hard to part with these treasured relics but it would be easier if we knew they were going to bring happiness to others. Chucking away discarded clothes is such a waste. We are all used to the charity bags that get delivered to our doors. But the problem is they always come when they are least wanted and it just adds plastic bags to the pile of waste. If only there was an easy and ethical way to get rid of your excess clothes.

Well now there is. iCollectClothes is a bespoke pick-up service which takes your clothes from you on demand, sells them on and then delivers the cash to a charity of your choice.

Simply go online to, chose from a selection of charities you would like to donate to, chose a time for your clothes to be collected. That’s it – your good deed for the day is done. The iCollectClothes team will take care of the rest.

A simple idea, but the best ideas usually are the simplest. They pick up from any location across London no matter how big or small the bag of clothes is. Helping the environment is a key part of their business. They want to cut down on wasted plastic bags, unnecessary driving time and, of course, wasted clothes.

They have been reviewed online by more than 400 people with 97 per cent of them giving their approval for the service.
iCollectClothes have been helping people with their leftover clothes
for a year now and they have raised more than £23,000.

The iCollectClothes team will make good use of your unwanted clothes and the cash goes to charity

By South London Press/Greenwich Mercury, 02.02.2018

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