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Mercy Ships

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Mercy Ships

Charitable clothing donations for Mercy Ships Uk Charity!

The medical charity performing life changing surgical operations, treating patients and dental patients in small village clinics, training medical professionals who in their turn train others, teaching local people in the developing world basic health care, completing multiple projects that focus on education, clean water and water sanitation, agriculture and infrastructure development.
Mercy Ships UK fundraising team is constantly on the go looking for different ways to raise funds for such a fantastic cause. One of the ways to support the work of this amazing charity is to donate online. You can always spare a few pounds or your free time through the charity’s website. But there is also a convenient way of the charitable giving that doesn’t even involve your precious time and money – online charity fundraising. You can donate your used or unwanted clothes online by booking a collection on our website. We will collect your clothing donation in a timely manner, and handle the whole process of turning your unwanted stuff into the valuable money for the charity.
Funds received from sales of your unwanted clothes will help Mercy Ships Uk Charity.

Just imagine a real hospital ship that travels between multiple countries so much less fortunate, treating health conditions that otherwise would lead to long term illnesses, a lot of suffering and early deaths. The dream of Don and Deyon Stephens came true in 1978 when the first Mercy Ship was purchased (a retired ocean liner Victoria) and the team of enthusiastic same minded people began the process of equipping the future hostile ship, hiring the crew, looking for doctors and fundraising to launch in 1982. The first Mercy Ship called Anastasis bravely and gloriously sailed with the mission of helping those in need in developing countries. 350 volunteers from all over the world were on board of Anastasis.
Since then, various Mercy Ships stopped in more than 150 ports in developing countries around the world, bringing that forever change to hundreds of thousands of lives. Mercy Ships provide free surgeries and various medical care, the charity partners with multiple local communities to improve health care, offers training and advice as well as materials and hands-on assistance.


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