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05 November

Stop! Don’t just bury your unwanted clothing at the bottom of a drawer!Stop! Don’t just bury your unwanted clothing at the bottom of a drawer! There’s a much cooler solution to your overcrowded wardrobe woes – donate your clothes to charity instead.

It’s not just about having a clear out, of course – there are so many reasons for passing on your unwanted clothing.

Help a charity help others

People love shopping and they will always need clothes and shoes. This means your unwanted clothing can be a real money-spinner for the charities you donate it to. While fundraising is essential for charities, it can be a big challenge for them too because so many other good causes are also asking for money at the same time..............

By selling your unwanted clothing however, a charity can make thousands of pounds a year to pay for vital services that will help lots of people in this country as well as all around the world.  And, while most of us like to support charities, we don’t all have the time or spare cash to help out as much as we’d like to, so giving away the clothes you no longer wear to a charity collection service is a great way of clearing space in your wardrobe and of helping others at the same time. A donation of unwanted clothing doesn’t cost you a thing, but it can make lots of money for the charity that you give it to.

Make someone’s day

The simple fact of the matter is that your rubbish is someone else’s treasure. That pair of jeans that’s just too big, that great party outfit you only wore once, and that nice shirt that unfortunately matches nothing in your wardrobe ­– give them to a charity’s unwanted clothes collection and they’ll soon be snapped up, making someone else’s day and getting the second life they deserve.

Giving a clothes donation to charity also helps the environment.Go green!

Giving a clothes donation to charity also helps the environment. 350,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing goes to landfill every year in the UK according to WRAP – that’s around £140 million worth! So the more clothing you donate to charity, the less will end up being thrown out as rubbish, and this can only be a good thing.

So many of the items we no longer want still have plenty of life in them too so it’s great to offer them to someone else instead of putting them in the bin. Of course not everything people donate is of a high enough quality to sell in a charity shop but much of it still has a value. If a charity can’t sell all your items in one of its shops, those that are still wearable may be sold and then sent overseas to provide cheap clothing for people in poorer countries. This means your chosen charity still receives valuable funds from your clothing donation. 

Clothing a charity can’t sell can often be recycled or reused elsewhere in some other way, sometimes as rags, or even as housing insulation so even if it can’t be worn it’s still not just thrown away. Reusing clothing also means less new materials need to be made, saving energy and helping the environment by cutting down on waste, carbon and water footprints.

Easy-peasy charity collection guaranteed

Donating clothes to charity is cool because it’s a win-win situation but the thought of having to carry big bags to a charity shop can be off-putting. Don’t worry though, because iCollectClothes has the answer!

Clothes donation couldn’t be simpler or more convenient with its unwanted clothes collection service. No longer do you have to trek to a charity shop, or remember to put the charity collection bag outside your front door on the right day. iCollectClothes offers an easier way to support good causes. It works with a number of well-known charities and picks up donations from your door, letting you choose which charity you want to donate to, and a collection date that suits you, while iCollectClothes takes care of the rest.

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