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05 January 2018

IcollectclothesWe would like to thank all of you who were with us last year. Thank you for your kind donations and warm support on social media. We also thank you for giving encouraging reviews.

IcollectClothes is growing from just an idea to a useful tool that makes a lot of our lives easier. We plan to continue growing this year, so we describe our goals as follow.

First of all, we will be working hard to make the IcollectClothes collection service even better than it is now. There are plenty of areas, which could be improved, like Response time, collection planning, and communication with you.

Secondly, we aspire to generate much more funds for charities we work with by collecting more unwanted clothing. The donations do a great job, and we are more than happy to help you to achieve their goals.

And the third goal is to take care of the environment we live and work in. IcollectClothes itself is an environment saving activity so every aspect of our work should be planned and executed in eco-conscious ways. Eco-driving, Eco planning (efficient logistics), used clothing exports for people in need.

All of these aspects are our contribution to the environment.

Best regards and have a great donation!

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